Month: April 2020


You or someone you love has fallen ill with COVID-19.  The virus has presented serious medical complications and caused lost time from work.  In some tragic cases, the person affected has lost his or her life.  Who spread the infection?  What can you do about it?  Can you sue?  The short answer to your question […]
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car accident victim sitting next to her car

Are You or Your Spouse a Bad Driver?

Do you often drive your spouse around?  Perhaps your spouse usually chauffeurs you instead?  If you answered yes to either question, you need to be aware of Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance Coverage for your automobile insurance policy.     Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance is defined as: Bodily Injury Liability Coverage under a motor vehicle insurance policy […]
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Remote Notarizing & E-Notarizing

Why Do I Need My Document Notarized?  Many legal documents require a notarizded signature.  When a signature is notarized, the person signing the document has their identity confirmed to ensure that he or she is proper individual signing.  Notaries are individuals who are authorized to confirm someone’s identity and affix their seal to the document […]
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