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Child custody is not always set in stone. After a divorce, it is possible to change and modify child custody. Those changes will either be made mutually or via a court order. If there is a significant reason that is in the child’s best interest, a judge will approve requests for modification. Call Gulotta & Gulotta today for a family law attorney in Lake Grove, NY. Our office is conveniently located on Ocean Avenue in Ronkonkoma. Continue to read more to learn more about child custody modifications.

Why Would a Judge Change Custody? 

For a judge to approve a child custody change or modification, there usually needs to be significant evidence that the change is in the child’s best interest. For example, if one parent has violated a previous court agreement, a judge may approve a change in the custody agreement. 

Things such as physical relocation or a change in the situation, either of the parent or child, may result in a need for a change in child custody. Child abuse, neglect, or others can result in a loss of custody. In addition, increasing instability in one parent, whether it be abuse issues, mental health difficulties, or others, the child custody agreement can change. A family law attorney in Lake Grove, NY can help a judge understand your situation and need for a custody modification. 

Does It Need To Be Done In Court? 

Parents can agree to voluntarily change custody without a court order; although, this change will not be legally recognized. Therefore, all obligations agreed to in the original child custody agreement are still legally enforceable by the court. If you want to ensure that you are legally protected in your custody agreement, it is recommended that your agreement be approved by a judge. 

Do You Need A Lawyer to Change A Child Custody Agreement? 

It is possible to modify a child custody agreement without a lawyer. However, that would not be in your best interest. These types of legal cases are often complex and carry major implications for you and your child. 

Having a child custody lawyer can help you focus on what’s best for your child. A family law attorney in Lake Grove, NY is trained to create optimal custody arrangements. Child custody attorneys understand the situation at hand and how to effectively present them to a court. 

Family Law Attorney in Lake Grove, NY

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