Everything You Need To Know About Cell Phone Tickets

Traffic Violation Lawyer in Holbrook In New York State, you cannot use a mobile telephone or portable electronic device while operating a vehicle. It is illegal and can result in a traffic ticket, fine, or surcharge. At Gulotta & Gullotta, we can help you negotiate traffic violation tickets and offer legal help. If you are in need of a traffic violation lawyer in Holbrook, we can assist you. Continue reading to learn the specifics of cell phone tickets.

What Does Illegal Cell Phone Use Consist Of?

It is important to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do on your cell phone while driving. Some examples of illegal activity include:
  • Talking and holding a cellphone while driving
  • Composing, sending, and reading electronic data such as e-mails and text messages
  • Transmitting, viewing, or taking pictures
  • Playing games 

Consequences of Cell Phone Use While Driving      

Cell phone usage and driving have become one of the most hazardous driving interruptions. Accidents happen every day, but they are progressively being caused to a certain degree by drivers prioritizing their phones over driving. Using a cell phone and driving in New York State is an automatic fine beginning from $50 up to $450, and jail time in more serious cases. Our traffic violation lawyer in Holbrook will guide you through the next steps to take.

Motor Carriers and Commercial Vehicle Drivers Restrictions

Many drivers confuse their usage as being necessary for work, but these jobs are never to permit drivers to mandatory cell phone usage. The law doesn’t need motor carriers and commercial vehicle drivers to show arrangements concerning specific policies or programs for their drivers, as they would get in trouble like everyone else. Some of the restrictions include:
  • a driver who is holding a cellular device while in motion
  • a driver who is holding a cellular device to the ear
  • a driver checking their cellular device during any pause in traffic

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