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Many motorists mistake traffic violations as an inconvenient but inconsequential aspect of driving. However, traffic violations can create significant costs and affect your license. Our traffic violation lawyer in Lake Grove NY at Gulotta & Gulotta can help you understand how traffic violations affect your license and your ability to drive. Continue reading to learn more! 


How Does A Traffic Violation Affect My License?


New York State uses the Driver Violation Point System (DVPS) to keep an accurate record of driving infractions. If you commit multiple traffic violations, these points can add up and lead to further action beyond traffic citations. These can range from additional fees to the suggestion of a driving safety course, to a possible suspension of your license. The New York points system is based on various traffic violations, and many points can be added to your license. Some examples include:

  • 2 Points – Failure to signal a lane change. 
  • 3 Points – Failure to stop at a stop sign. 
  • 3-11 Points – Speeding. The number of points will depend on the amount you drove over the speed limit. 
  • 3 Points Added to Point Total – Leaving the scene of an accident. 
  • 5 Points – Reckless driving, railroad crossing violation, and using a cell phone while driving. 

Traffic violations will remain on your driving record for three years after the conviction. If you continue to accumulate points, you may face increased penalties. Six or more points to your driving record within 18 months will result in a new additional fee. Failure to pay these fees off will result in your license being suspended. These infractions will not only impact your license, but they will also lead to increased insurance premiums. If you receive a traffic violation, it’s best to consult with a traffic violation lawyer in Lake Grove NY. Our experts will advocate on your behalf to limit any additional points or financial penalties. 


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While traffic tickets are only considered violations, they can still have severe consequences. At Gulotta & Gulotta, our traffic violation lawyer in Lake Grove NY will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome in traffic court. Be sure to contact our office today and request a free consultation! 

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