When starting a business, the first action points may be organizing and building your team of employees. As things get bigger and you are looking for a next step, forming a business entity might be in your best interest. Discussing this option with a corporate lawyer in Suffolk County, NY at Gulotta & Gulotta can get this process started. Our team will help you form your business entity under New York State Law and protect you from personal liability.


What Is A Business Entity?

A business entity, or a corporation, is the existence of a business as its own organization, separate from its owners. With this, those involved with the company are protected from personal liability. Aside from personal factors, becoming a corporation benefits the business. You may find that forming a corporation will make the company more reputable and bring in more investors. This may also save you money on taxes. Knowing some of the main business entities that can be formed is also essential. They include:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Corporations (Inc/Corp)
  • Professional Corporations (PC)
  • Professional Limited Liability Companies (PLLC)

It is essential to consider this decision carefully to find which best suits your business. Our corporate lawyer in Suffolk County, NY at Gulotta & Gulotta can thoroughly evaluate your needs and determine the appropriate business entity. 


How To Form A Business Entity With A Corporate Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

Forming your business can involve several complex considerations. Working with an experienced corporate lawyer in Suffolk County, NY can help simplify and streamline the process. Here are the basic steps to follow when forming a business entity:

  • Choose a name. 
  • Pick a structure. 
  • Choose a location. 
  • File the necessary paperwork. 
  • Set up taxes and finances. 
  • Hire employees. 

Our experienced lawyers can provide significant help when it comes to forming your business entity. Many of the necessary filings are complicated, and errors can result in substantial delays in getting your business up and running. Proper assistance is also crucial to ensuring that documents accurately reflect your wishes. If you fail to form your business entity correctly or follow the various legal formalities required once in business, you and any other parties involved in your venture could face personal liability for business debts. 


Gulotta & Gulotta: Corporate Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

If you are interested in forming a business entity in New York, speak with an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible. Our corporate lawyer at Gulotta & Gulotta combines the experience, skill, and aggressiveness that you typically find at larger firms with the personal attention only a small law firm can provide. Be sure to contact Gulotta & Gulotta today to schedule a consultation with an experienced corporate lawyer! 

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