Labor Law Settlements

Labor Law Section 240 (the “scaffold law”) covers construction, demolition, and repair work on buildings, protecting workers who are at risk of falling from elevated heights while working. Common occurrences involve workers who are on scaffolds, ladders, or other supports and equipment that falls and hits someone. Labor Law 240 makes it the responsibility of a company or building owner to provide safety equipment for workers to protect them from falls.

Labor Law Section 241 was integrated with the New York Industrial Code to make owners of buildings and general contractors responsible for any worker being injured due to a violation of the Industrial Code. The Industrial Code is a set of rules promulgated by the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor setting forth specific safety requirements that apply to certain types of heavy construction, demolition and excavation work performed anywhere within the State of New York.

Labor Law Section 200 states that all New York construction sites must provide reasonable and adequate protection to workers from general construction site hazards. There are two categories to this law. The first test involves an injured worker who was hurt because he or she made contact with a dangerous or defective condition and the owner or general contractor had notice of this condition. The second involves a worker who was injured due to unsafe work practices over which the owner or general contractor had sufficient supervisory control.

GULOTTA & GULOTTA, PLLC has handled may of these Labor Law cases in conjunction with the handling worker’s compensation attorney.  These cases are claims workers have in addition to any worker’s compensation cases.

  • $1,000,000.00 settlement achieved for worker who fell off of a ladder while installing coaxial cable in a bank building.
  • $900,000.00 settlement achieved for a worker who fell from a roof while repairing a heating ventilation air conditioning unit.
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