Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY Personal Injury is a broad term used in the legal world to cover a wide variety of injuries that can happen to one’s body, emotions, or reputation. It applies to any injury that a person or entity inflicts upon another person that was from intentional, negligent, or reckless behavior. It is important to hire licensed legal counsel to make sure that you are fully aware of the compensation that you may be owed. If you are searching for an experienced Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY, contact Gulotta & Gulotta. We have an office location near you, over in Ronkonkoma, NY.    Common Causes of Personal Injury Many different causes give one the right to file a claim to recover damages. When someone suffers from an injury of any sort, there are many after-effects due to the event. The following are common types of personal injury cases:
  • Vehicle Accidents: Millions of people are injured due to accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. If someone is injured, whether it is the driver or a passenger, they may be entitled to compensation for any injury they may have endured with accident victims.
  • Medical Malpractice: Although doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other medical professionals are there to help us, they can also cause serious injury through negligence. If you or a loved one have suffered from medical malpractice and are looking for a personal injury claims lawyer in Ronkonkoma, NY, Gulotta & Gulotta can help you to get proper compensation. 
  • Wrongful Death: This encompasses when someone has been killed due to someone else’s carelessness. The most common examples are deaths due to car crashes, nursing home neglect, and medical malpractice.
  • Premises Liability refers to accidents caused by dangerous conditions on someone’s property. This term encompasses accidents that occur on just about any type of land, whether commercial or personal. 
These are not the only causes of personal claim injuries if you are interested in learning moreGulotta & Gulotta family law can help you if you need Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY. We can serve you via our office located a town over in Ronkonkoma, NY. 

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Personal Injuries can occur anywhere at any time under various circumstances. It is crucial that if you suffer from an injury, you get the compensation you deserve. The financial burden that comes from the medical treatment needed after any one of the situations can be detrimental. That is why you should be aware of your rights and have proper legal counsel to help you through. If you need trusted best Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY, contact Gulotta & Gulotta today. We can work with you via our nearby office in Ronkonkoma, NY and help you with all of your trusts and estates questions!
Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY
Pet owners are responsible for making sure their pets are under control, especially if they are taking their dogs out for a walk. If a dog feels threatened or is afraid, it may become dangerous as a defense for itself. If an uncontrolled dog bites you, you may be entitled to compensation for it. Seeking out personal injury lawyer claims in Lake Grove, NY, from us will help you understand your rights if you are bitten. Thankfully, Gulotta & Gulotta is a stone’s throw away in nearby Ronkonkoma.    In The Moment If a dog bites you, here are some things you should do at the time of injury:
  1. Get the owner of the dog’s information, such as name, address, and phone number
  2. If it is a stray, pick out some identifying factors of the dog for someone to be able to find
  3. Wash the bite with soap and water
  4. Call your doctor for care instructions, or call 311 to report the edge and determine if you may need a rabies shot
  5. If the dog is dangerous to others, call 911
It is essential to tend to the bite carefully and make sure you are taken care of. Depending on the severity of the edge, you might have to go to the hospital to stop infection or get a rabies shot. It may also be beneficial to contact personal injury lawyer claims in Lake Grove, NY, if you intend to sue the owner. If you’re willing to travel briefly, the Gulotta & Gulotta Law Firm is close by in Ronkonkoma, NY.   My Rights When it comes to a dog bite, you have the right to sue the owner for any medical charges necessary. The dog owner is liable for any damages or injuries the dog may have caused you. If they are found guilty, dog owners will compensate you for medical expenses, time lost from work, and suffering. For a civil liability lawsuit, you should be able to prove one or more of the following to hold the owner liable:
  1. The state you are in has “strict liability dog-bite laws,” in which case the owner is financially responsible
  2. You can prove the owner knew the dog tended to bite/cause injury
  3. You can verify the owner was negligent
When it comes to criminal liability, a judge will order the owner to follow certain restrictions regarding the dog or call the dog to be euthanized if the dog is dangerous. In severe cases where the dog kills someone, the owner may be charged with manslaughter or a similar crime.    Contact Us If you or someone in your town has been bitten by a dog and is seeking legal action, contacting personal injury lawyer claims in Lake Grove, NY, is the place to start. The law group of Gulotta & Gulotta serves Lake Grove residents at our nearby office in Ronkonkoma, NY. Our offices can help you seek the proper legal action required to get you the compensation you need. Call us today!

Real estate law refers to the rules that control the use or ownership of land in the United States. Real estate law transfer can be complicated to understand for most Americans, which is why it’s essential to have a qualified attorney help you through any process of a buyer and seller of a home custody or anything else that has to do with real estate. If you are looking for an attorney who is well-versed in Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY, look no further than Gulotta & Gulotta. We have a residential, corporate law office in your area, taking cases in Ronkonkoma, NY. Let us represent you!

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When someone is considering buying or selling a home, they often don’t know a lot of the intricacies of what happens. It can be hard to keep up with filing contracts, reading through land agreements, and other necessary paperwork. This is where an attorney skilled in lake grove real estate lawyers, can help you. If you need one in the area, we are located in nearby Ronkonkoma, NY. A real estate lawyer’s priority is making sure that the contract of sale of property protects your interests. The lawyer wants to ensure you are not taken advantage of and dispute to get the best possible deal or agreement for your money. They also guide you through what is expected of you during real estate transactions, so you will not be surprised. 

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The primary responsibility of real estate lawyers is to draw up do comments. Some of these documents include:
  • Deeds for conveyance transactions
  • Leases and rental agreements
  • Purchasing contracts
  • Financing agreements


Since a lawyer who practices Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY has years of sophisticated experience with many different types of clients, they can negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate contracts on behalf of their clients and litigate for them. Our lawyers are not physically located in Lake Grove, but we are close by over in Ronkonkoma, NY. They have years of experience and are regularly in contact with people like attorneys, developers, consumer, brokers, and investors award involved in the process. Let our team be your representation for your case!


Not every real estate transaction gets wrapped up neatly; when they don’t, it may lead to a lawsuit in district court. This becomes very difficult for someone to do without a lawyer, as they would have to draft legal proceedings to file with the judge, defend themselves in any hearings or possible trials, and any necessary appeals. A real estate lawyer skilled in real estate law at Gulotta & Gulotta is the best to handle these types of situations.

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Let us handle all the tediousness that is involved with buying and selling property in a promptly fashion. When you are dealing with something as important as your home, you want the expertise on Real Estate Law in Lake Grove, NY, to handle your case personally, and they will do just that at Gulotta & Gulotta via our nearby office in Ronkonkoma. Contact us online today to request a free legal consultation.

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