A corporation is an often complex organization that consists of multiple business, financial, and legal factors that are all rolled into one. At Gulotta & Gulotta, our corporate lawyer on Long Island helps advise companies on their various legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. Since the area of corporate law can vary substantially, you may not be aware of what a corporate lawyer handles. Continue reading to learn more!


What Does A Corporate Lawyer Handle?


Running a company or corporation involves a lot of moving parts. A corporate lawyer on Long Island can help make sure the legal aspects of a company’s existence are appropriately serviced and managed. Whether you’re an executive officer of a corporation or have a growing business, you may need to consult with Gulotta & Gulotta to discuss your company’s concerns. Here are some of the essential things a corporate lawyer can handle:

  • Contracts
  • Securities
  • Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

At Gulotta & Gulotta, our team also specializes in helping clients form their business entities. If you are beginning a new venture, creating a formal business entity is essential to allow your company to operate without exposing individuals to personal liability. Depending on the business structure, several considerations will arise. Our corporate lawyer on Long Island will handle the details of forming your business so you can focus on your exciting new venture. Some of the business entities you can create include:

  • Corporations (Inc/Corp)
  • Professional Corporations (PC)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)

The process of forming your new business entity does not have to be complicated. When working with our firm, all you have to do is fill out a simple form and let our experts handle the rest! Consulting with an experienced corporate lawyer is essential for managing your business and taking care of any problems that may arise. 

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Any individual starting up a new business venture could benefit from working with our corporate lawyer on Long Island. At Gulotta & Gulotta, our experts can help you structure and plan your business for success, no matter which structure you choose. To learn more about our corporate law services, contact Gulotta & Gulotta today and request a free consultation!


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