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Custody disputes are one of the most challenging battles of divorce. Turbulent emotions and bitterness can lead a parent to become critical of how their ex-partner is raising their child. However, what can happen when a parent is unfit to care for their child? At Gulotta & Gulotta, our law attorney on Long Island is here to help you protect your child’s best interests throughout divorce proceedings and custody battles. Continue reading to discover more about unfit parents in New York. 


What Is An Unfit Parent In NY?



Being a parent comes with fundamental responsibilities and rights, and the relationship between a child and their parent is critical. Most parents can meet their obligations, but not everyone is fit to be a parent. In issues involving custody, the courts always consider the child’s best interest, and numerous factors are evaluated during court proceedings. This includes any evidence of severe problems on the parent’s part. All children deserve a safe home environment, and when a parent is unfit, the child’s needs are not being met. If you are concerned about dealing with an unfit parent, our law attorney on Long Island is here to help. Some of the characteristics of an unfit parent include:

  • Abuse – Any evidence of emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual abuse will render a parent unfit. 
  • Neglect – Neglect, also referred to as abuse by omission, can include failure to provide adequate care. This can consist of inadequate nutrition, shelter, supervision, and clothing. Educational, emotional, and physical neglect are harmful to a child’s well-being and are behaviors of an unfit parent. 
  • Mental Illness – If a parent has severe mental illness issues that could harm a child’s welfare, they could be considered unfit. However, not all mental health issues result in a parent being declared unfit. If the parent is not receiving treatment for their problems and the child suffers, it can directly impact an unfit parent case. 
  • Substance Abuse – If a parent abuses drugs or alcohol, they could jeopardize their children’s safety. Parents with substance abuse issues are less likely to be granted custody. 


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