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Family court cases include family issues such as child abuse. Child abuse is a serious issue that has psychological effects on children. If your child is suffering from abuse, getting help is necessary. Family court proceedings are difficult without the right family law attorney on Long Island. At Gulotta & Gulotta, we will guide you through the legal system in the most effective way to help your family.


What is Child Abuse?


Child abuse and neglect is the act by a parent or guardian that leads to physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and death. 

What Forms of Child Abuse We See At Family Law Attorney On Long Island?

Child abuse is a serious matter that comes in different forms:

  • Child Neglect: The parent, guardian, or caretaker fail to meet the child’s basic needs that influence emotional and physical development. For example, ignoring a child that is in need of help and failing to provide a safe environment is child neglect.
  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse involves physical action against a child that causes a serious injury or medical condition like head trauma, bruising, or fracture.
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse involves the sexual activity or exploitation of a child. There are different types of sexual abuse:
    • Exposing oneself to a child
    • Intercourse and fondling
    • Inappropriate conversation
    • Images and videos of sexual activity with children
    • Sex trafficking
  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse involves emotional and psychological abuse of children that involves manipulation, verbal abuse, and other forms of abuse.

What are Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect?

Child abuse and neglect cause psychological and damaging effects on a child. These long-term consequences include

  • Poor Mental and Emotional Health
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Difficulties
  • Behavioral IssuesWhat Is Child Abuse?
  • Physical Health Condition (Injury)

Our family law attorney on Long Island will help determine long-term effects in court by working with Child Protective Services.

Gulotta & Gulotta: Family Law Attorney On Long Island

At Gulotta & Gulotta, our experienced family law attorney, we will help you through this difficult time. Child abuse has long-term effects on a child. That’s why our family law attorney on Long Island works with Child Protective Services on your behalf to provide you with the best options for handling your family’s situation. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact us now.

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