Described by his clients as “extremely professional,” “a kind soul” and as “someone who will fight for a you like you are his only case,” Michael Gulotta is an experienced attorney with a demonstrated history of working in the legal industry.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michael in order to learn more about his background; his law firm, Gulotta & Gulotta, PLLC; and how they came to be known throughout New York as “Attorneys Who Care.”

Tell us about your background. What did you do before becoming a partner?

First, I earned a degree in psychology and philosophy from the State University of New York at Geneseo then got my Juris Doctor from Touro Law, the same school my father graduated from almost 30 years before me. Prior to taking over the firm, I was a senior court attorney for the New York State Supreme Court, researching and writing advisory opinions for all of the justices regarding various civil matters handled by the court. Before that, I represented children in family court as a law guardian. Both of those positions armed me with specialized knowledge and skills that many attorneys do not get the chance to acquire, especially early in their careers.

What made you decide to take over your father’s law firm?

My father, Anthony J. Gulotta, started the firm over 25 years ago, and in February 2019, he passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to our family, the firm, and to the entire legal community. As the only other attorney in the family, I knew it was my responsibility to step in and provide his clients with clear guidance and to make sure their cases were being handled properly. My father passed away on a Saturday, and on Monday, I was in the office, directing the staff and implementing measures to begin an organized and efficient transition. I have devoted myself to this firm and to these people because I want to continue helping them as my father did. In fact, I created Gulotta & Gulotta, PLLC to honor my father’s memory.

What do you think people will remember most about your father’s practice?

As descendants of Santa Margherita di Belice, a little town in western Sicily, famous for its judicial legacy to New York, we have many family members who sat on the appellate courts and Court of Appeals. As a result, the name “Gulotta” has earned a prolific reputation on Long Island. My father really contributed to our family’s legacy, and I’m hoping to do the same. He started this firm as a personal injury lawyer. He was extremely skilled and achieved amazing success in that area, and we are working to maintain that success. Real estate is another area that has always been a focus for the practice. We have people working for us who have been in real estate for over 20 years, and they are truly some of the best. They have always protected our clients at each stage of a sale, purchase, or lease and continue to get every deal done efficiently.

Have you made any changes since you’ve taken over?

I’ve made a lot of positive changes by taking what my father created and elevating it into the 21st century in terms of online presence, utilization of technology, new theories of the law, and even aesthetics. I’ve moved from the traditional “stuffy” looking browns and golds toward a fresh, new space with a modern feel. I’ve also been working to get the firm more involved in outreach events and programs. I want to break people’s expectations and really introduce a new way to think about a contemporary law firm.

Aside from the recent updates, what would you say sets your firm apart from all others?

Gulotta & Gulotta PLLC is all about personal attention. My father was an attentive, caring, authentic person; he wore shorts and flip flops around the office and spoke to everyone as equals. He didn’t put on pretenses or try to intimidate people like many other attorneys do, and we pride ourselves on maintaining that friendly attitude. We take care of all our own cases and never charge extra fees or lock clients into rigid appointment times. We want everyone to feel comfortable and to know that they can trust us to handle the major turning points in their lives. Gulotta & Gulotta PLLC is a law firm for the people, and we are here to serve and to help them however we can.


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