A dog attack can be a harrowing experience that can leave you with emotional and physical trauma. In many cases, a dog attack can leave you with painful injuries and permanent disfigurement. If you’re considering taking legal action after a dog attack, you should consult with our dog bite lawyer in Hauppauge NY at Gulotta & Gulotta. Continue reading to discover what you should do if a dog attacks you and how our firm can help you seek the compensation you deserve. 


What Should I Do If A Dog Attacks Me?

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Getting attacked by a dog is frightening. Your first priority after an attack should be treating your injuries, but you should also use this time to take steps to preserve evidence and start building your case. Our dog bite lawyer in Hauppauge NY would like to share the following guidelines on what to do after a dog attack:

  • Get Medical Treatment – Dog bites are serious injuries that can often lead to an infection. If the bite pierces the skin, bacteria can get in the wound and lead to dangerous infections like tetanus, sepsis, and rabies. Make sure to keep all documentation and medical records associated with your attack, as they can help determine the compensation you receive. 
  • Collect Evidence – After the attack, try to take photos of the dog, the accident scene, and your injuries. Save any clothing as evidence, and note the contact information of any witnesses for our dog bite lawyer in Hauppauge NY to follow up with later. 
  • Identify Dog Owner – A dog owner is responsible for controlling and containing their dogs. Whether you know the owner or have never met them, you’ll need their contact information and their dog’s vaccine records. However, it’s best to avoid discussing the attack with the owner, as you may say things that inadvertently hurt your claim. 
  • Contact Animal Control – Any dog attack should be reported to your local animal control, even if you were not severely injured. Dog attacks are a threat to the community, and the owner may be cited. If a dog has attacked numerous people, there should be a record. 

Filing a claim for a dog attack can be complex and time-consuming. The dog owner’s insurance company will try everything possible to minimize payments or deny your claim altogether. Having a skilled dog bite lawyer in Hauppauge on your side ensures that your rights are protected and that you get the maximum compensation possible. 

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Moving on from a dog attack can seem overwhelming, but Gulotta & Gulotta is here to help. Our dog bite lawyer in Hauppauge is well-versed in dog bite claims and can help you achieve the compensation you deserve. Be sure to contact us to learn more about what you should do after a dog attack, and request a consultation today! 


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